Who we are

Exceptional farmers and producers. Exceptional processes. Exceptional service.

Put them all together and you will understand why Meliora (“always better” in Latin) is transforming the dried fruits and nuts sector in Europe, bringing to consumers what nature offers, and to consumers who share our passion for quality , durability and excellent value for money.

Whether working with apricot growers in Turkey, fig breeders in Iran, or walnut harvesters in the Far East, our teams are re-imagining what it means to bring healthy, wholesome produce from seed for consumption.

It's about setting standards...sharing knowledge...building trust...and caring for our quality products every step of the way on their journey to you.


A company like Meliora is more than the sum of its parts. Driven by our commitment to quality and innovation, what really sets us apart is how we do things.

It starts with how carefully we choose our products. By developing commercial links at the “seed” level with farmers and growers around the world, we help them produce fruits and nuts that meet exceptional quality and environmental standards.

It's about working directly with individuals and local communities to share our knowledge, shape best practices and promote fair and sustainable agricultural practices.

The same ethical and attentive approach applies to the relationship with our customers. With a strong foundation built on years of dedicated service, we place our customers' needs at the heart of everything we do, and we work closely with them to achieve results.

Quite simply, leadership is important to us and, as the voice of the entire industry, we strive to set standards in everything we do. It's as simple as that.

“Always better” – and it’s a feeling that encourages all our activities. That's why working with local farmers and producers to improve their knowledge and processes is just the beginning.


Meliora has developed strong local access to suppliers in Vietnam, the United States, Canada, Europe, Uzbekistan, and the Middle East. Meliora also offers business links with suppliers in South America, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. Working directly with local farmers and suppliers, the team aims to manage the sourcing process from seed to consumption, supporting quality and sustainability whilst respecting and benefiting from traditional growing and drying techniques . The result is an exceptional range of high quality, ethically sourced products that will contribute to the success of the Meliora Group in Europe.
1. Canada
2. Hawaii
3. California
4. Wisconsin
5. Massachusetts
6. Virginia
7. Texas
8. Brazil
9. Peru
10. Chile
11. Argentina
12. Ivory Coast
13. Ghana
14. South Africa
15. Tunisia
16. Greece
17. Türkiye
18. Armenia
19. Azerbaijan
20. Iran
21. Turkmenistan
22. Uzbekistan
23. Kazakhstan
24. Kyrgyzstan
25. Afghanistan
26. Pakistan
27. Siberia
28. Vietnam
29. Thailand
30. Australia