What we do

Our goal is simple: to bring the highest quality dried fruit and nuts from across the globe direct to the European market. That means working closely with growers on the ground, overseeing the entire product journey from orchards and nut groves all the way into the hands of buyers and consumers.

We’re not just in the business of supplying quality products. We are actively transforming Europe’s dried fruit and nuts industry by identifying the best products of their kind, opening up new product sources, harnessing the potential of traditional and artisanal production techniques, and building sustainability into everything from shipping and transport through to warehousing and packaging.

We call it the Meliora way – a distinctive, purpose-driven approach that works for the benefit of our customers, consumers and communities around the world who have become part of our story.


To us, food is a story to be told and a journey to be shared… and that’s why we are passionate about letting consumers know exactly where our dried fruit and nuts come from, how they are produced and how we get them to the shelves in a way that respects the environment and all the communities we work with.

The authenticity of our brand demands nothing less.

So, we don’t just talk about sustainability, transparency, ethical sourcing and responsible farming practices. We have built these values into our powerful ‘Seed to Consumption’ business model - one that allows us to control and monitor every product from cultivation right through to the customer’s plate.

That means working with growers to combine age-old agricultural wisdom with cutting-edge innovation… putting rigorous quality standards in place… selecting the right drying processes… providing efficient shipping and logistical support… managing all aspects of packaging… and delivering premium products to Europe’s most discerning buyers and consumers.

Trust is the unbreakable thread that weaves through the journey of every dried fruit or nut product we offer. We want every bite to align with our values, thrill the customer’s taste buds and promote a more transparent and sustainable food ecosystem.

We are committed to ‘seed’ level relationships with farmers and growers across the globe.


Effective drying and processing methods are right at the heart of the Meliora range of products. That starts with selecting top-quality fresh produce and then working with local farmers and producers to control moisture removal while preserving texture, nutritional value and the authentic taste and aroma of the original fruit or nut.

Most of our products are produced using traditional sun drying methods, an ancient technique that uses the sun’s heat and airflow to gradually remove moisture from the food.

This natural and relatively gentle process - mastered over centuries of traditional practice - helps preserve heat sensitive nutrients like vitamins and antioxidants without the use of additives or ‘forever chemicals’. And thanks to the concentration of sugars during drying, many sun-dried fruits such dates and dried apricots serve as natural sweeteners in recipes, reducing the need for added sugar and contributing to healthier, more nutrient-rich diets.

Traditional sun-drying is both an art and a science. Knowing precisely when fruits have reached the desired level of dryness is a skill that has been honed over centuries and passed down through generations. But it also relies on a deep understanding of scientific principles to ensure maximum quality, nutrient preservation, flavour and safety. The Meliora team promotes the fusion of art and science at every stage of the process and makes no use of additives or chemicals. The result? Premium products whose flavours shine through as nature intended.


At Meliora, we have the distinct advantage of owning our own in-house logistics and shipping company, strategically located in Genova. This logistical prowess isn't just about convenience; it's about unlocking a world of possibilities for our valued customers. Our logistics arm is already a powerhouse, responsible for seamlessly transporting over 150 containers of fresh fruit each week, sourced from all corners of the globe.

What does this mean for you? It means you have the support of a supplier with access to one of the most extensive and diverse ranges of dried fruit and nuts in the industry. And it's not just about variety; it's about the way we bring these treasures to your table.

Along with efficiency, speed and reliability, our shipping and logistical strengths mean that our products are transported and stored under conditions that safeguard their quality, flavour and texture. We also work hard to optimise our transportation routes and reduce waste throughout the supply chain. When you choose Meliora, you’re not just choosing superior products: you’re choosing to support eco-conscious practices that help protect our planet.
Our dedicated packaging facilities mean we can customise sustainable packaging to your exact requirements.


Meliora also has an extensive warehousing infrastructure and packaging resources to support its operations.

State-of-the-art storage facilities have dedicated spaces for inspecting, testing and grading dried fruit and nuts to ensure that only the highest quality products are distributed to customers.

This quality is reinforced by advanced automation systems for inventory management, order processing and temperature control - all essential to meeting the certifications and quality assurance standards needed within the demanding European marketplace.

Our dedicated packaging facilities also give us the flexibility to customise sustainable packaging for different clients, markets and outlets. That includes efficient proportioning and product preparation and the use of packaging to clearly communicate added-value nutritional content.


The international food landscape is changing fast. Rapidly growing demand for healthier and more sustainable nutrition has resulted in a dramatic shift away from processed, sugary and high-fat products - and Meliora is right at the forefront of this ‘conscious eating’ revolution.

Our dried fruit and nuts are nutrient-dense, offering a wealth of vitamins, fibre, healthy fats and proteins. As plant-based foods, they are seen as a healthier and more sustainable alternative to meat-based products. Their appeal is reinforced by constant innovation in product selection and our willingness to explore new and more convenient ways of bringing products to the customer – from mixes and bars through to resealable packets and other grab-and-go options.

And thanks to our transparent supply chains, sustainable farming practices and reduced environmental impact, every product we offer empowers consumers to make healthier - and tastier - choices for themselves and the planet. We feel good about that.